Note to Hippie Organics about Plastic Packaging

Today, I used the online form for

Dear Hippie Organics,

Your graphics are beautiful. I appreciate very much that your produce is organic. I bought some of your asparagus from Whole Foods yesterday and am very pleased with the lovely asparagus.  But the asparagus had a plastic Hippie Organics label. And I can see from your homepage photos that you use plastic packaging for your other products.  Single Use plastics have become a terrible problem for the whole world. I have seen lots of great produce in different kinds of paper or cardboard packaging.  How about bamboo/sugar cane paper/cardboard packaging (even better).  I’ve begun using tree free paper products at home and I’m delighted with them.  But if we want TREES to clean our water and air (and as habitats for wildlife) and if we want to NOT eat and drink microplastics in our food and water (including as a component of your very nice organic produce) and if we’d like a beautiful earth not polluted with packaging, we need people and companies that package products to stop packaging products in plastic.  Maybe you could stop doing that and be a leader for others to follow? 

Thank you.
Emily Gleichenhaus
Project PUT: Pick Up Trash

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