Vertical Farms are a GREEN, sustainable solution to supplying healthy, pesticide free, local produce to people in their communities!

Why not heavily support high rise farms? I’ve seen many videos about the use of indoor hydroponic farms in Europe. Why not do this vertically instead of horizontally?

From The Atlantic, February 2018
The Promise of Indoor, Hurricane-Proof ‘Vertical’ Farms

The Green Promise of Vertical Farming:

There is some controversy about hydroponic farms and the whether the products can be labeled organic.

Besides that, however, if the nutritional value is the same, and pesticides are not used, the fruits and vegetables being grown this way can be a way to give people who can’t afford quality pesticide free foods access to healthy nutrition. And, while we are at it, why not grow these products in high rise buildings that are built to have a low (or zero) carbon footprint so that large scale farms to feed growing populations don’t spread out. If some significant percentage of farms grow UP, then more land is available for trees to clean the air and water and provide habitat for animals. In addition, the buildings themselves could be outfitted as habitat for plant life on the OUTSIDE as well, like vertical forests and meadows to enhance their beauty, provide more habitat for creatures, and clean the air. Another significant advantage is distribution. These fans can also be retrofitted to old warehouse and factory districts, revitalizing depressed areas and putting high quality food closer to people. It is much more efficient for a family in Nebraska to get its vegetables from a local farm (grown without pesticides, in solar powered, vertical, air cleaning , buildings with a small or no carbon foot print) than to get produce at the store that was frown horizontally and then trucked in from South America!!




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