Patriotic or Religious? I think what you DO is much more important than what you BELIEVE. Practice ACTIVE SERVICE!

Memorial Day 2017

Dear Friends,

I fully admit in this moment to sitting on high horse which is also standing on a soap box. But it is for a good cause!

Going to a Memorial Day event today has made me thoughtful about the idea of SERVICE. I BELIEVE in service. And what I believe is that belief is not good enough. What one DOES is sooooooo much more important than what one believes. In this vein, just going around and waving a flag and calling yourself an American is not good enough. What do you DO for your country, the beautiful land you live on, and its citizens? This leads me to ask, what is service? I think service is any action you take, for which you are not the direct beneficiary, that makes your community, your country, the planet, a better place.

I’ve seen and read much lately, for example, of the damage our use of plastics and those plastics migrating into and polluting our waterways. I can’t think of anything more PATRIOTIC than to practice recycling to the very best of your ability, do what you can to reduce your consumption of plastics (and this might even include writing companies whose products you buy to ask them to use post-consumer waste in their packaging and to find better packaging alternatives than plastics), and to PICK UP TRASH whenever you see it. Don’t just walk by it. PICK IT UP. If you don’t pick it up, it will likely ultimately end up in the water.

I also think that any place I’ve written something about patriotism above, you can insert your religion and belief in God. IMHO, the active practice of service is just as important to both patriotism and religion.

I really believe this: If you consider yourself a spiritual or religious person and/or if you consider yourself a patriotic American, you will devote yourself to the stewardship of our great land and work to uphold protections of air, water, food, and earth and you will do whatever you can to reduce waste, recycle what you can, and pick up trash when you see it.


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