Some PUTs Lately

We’ve not written posts lately, but we have been practicing PUT and hope you have, too!

Keep up the good PUT!

2015 01 13 PUT outside TL
This was picked up near a school.  Should there be beer cans near cars near a school?  Worries me.

Project PUT

PUT Tuck field1
This is an overlaoded garbage bin near field by my daughter’s school, the morning after soccer practices.  If people can’t fit thier garbage in the bin, they should take it with them and dispose of it at home or in another bin somewhere else that has room. As citizens of a community, people should take responsibility for their own waste.

PUT Tuck field2

We can’t take pix every time we Pick Up Trash (that others should not have littered in the first place), but above are a couple recent pictures of our PUT practices.  This is not to toot our horns, but to shed light on this problem that does not need to be a problem, except for the unthinking, disrespectful and lazy behavior of those who think it is OK to litter.

We ask that people accept responsibility for themselves, their behavior, their waste and the environment.  Leaving garage behind is not acceptable.  Littering is irresponsible.  Leaving garbage behind is disrespectful to others in the community.  Littering defiles the world we live in.

Come on people!  Shape Up!  Step Up!  Be Responsible! Do the Right Thing!  Live by the Golden Rule!

I try to live by the “religion” of acting and behaving in a way that is simultaneously smart and good.  I (though I’m not perfect) want my actions to pass the test of being simultaneously smart and good. I must do the smart thing and that smart thing must also be a good choice.  Not littering in the first place is the Smartest and Best choice.  But since there will be those (and there are many) who are happy to just toss their waste without properly disposing of it, we good and smart people should Pick It Up and keep the message alive that it is the right thing to do to dispose of waste in the recycle or a designated trash receptacle.

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