DON’T LITTER! But, every piece of trash you pick up and PUT in the trash makes a difference.

A few PUTS Autumn 2016

Every PUT counts!





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Garbage Left by Food Trucks on the Beautifully Restored National Mall

This was a horrible sight:


We were sorry to see this, right in front of a line of food trucks, on the gorgeous brand new grass of the National Mall this past weekend.

Problem 1: Leaving it behind you without having put it in the recycle or a designated trash receptacle is unacceptable

Problem 2: There are not enough garbage cans on the downtown Mall for people to put their trash

Solution 1: The City of Washington DC should put DO NOT LITTER signs EVERYWHERE.

Solution 2: Littering should not be allowed. The practice of littering should be banned and the ban should be enforced

Solution 3: The City of Washington DC should put MORE and LARGER trash cans everywhere

Solution 4: The food trucks that produce the products that produce the trash should also take responsibility for what their customers do with the trash. They should provide trash disposal items, as few litter-able items as possible, and use recycled/recyclable/biodegradable containers

Solution 5: EVERYONE SHOULD TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR OWN GARBAGE. If you cannot find a garbage can to empty enough to dispose of your refuse, then keep it with you until you find one.

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