Demand products and packaging made plastic free and tree free, or from 100% post consumer waste, and with carbon free methods

I saw this article on Facebook:
The Average American Uses 3 Rolls of Toilet Paper Each Week—And It’s Devastating Forests

We humans cannot completely curtail or stop consuming products.  But we CAN change our habits and we CAN make better choices for the things we buy, and we CAN demand that producers provide sustainable products manufactured in sustainable ways.

When it comes to using toilet paper, tissues, and paper towels, there are TREE FREE PAPER PRODUCTS! We do not need to wipe our asses, our noses, or our counter tops with trees.

Or, at the very least, paper products made from 100% recycled content. I currently buy tree free paper products from Brandless. But there are many others.

It’s the TREE FREE part that important, regardless of where you get it. The more thought I’ve given it, the more absurd it seems for humanity to cut down trees for us to clean our selves up after the toilet or in the kitchen.

Mother Earth needs trees for many purposes. Among a whole myriad of essential jobs, trees clean our air, create oxygen, hold soil in place, and filter water. Humanity should be doing everything possible to REforest, not cut down trees to make toilet paper and cheap furniture. Yes, people need jobs, but maybe the jobs making these things can be done using sustainable materials. How about that?

It’s not easy to find these products and they are more expensive. But the more people ask for these products and but these products, the cheaper and more available they will become.

I have written grocery stores and department stores asking them to stock these items for purchase in stores and online. Will you help me?

You don’t have to use paper to write letters. Write emails to company websites. Just go to any company’s CONTACT ME link and fill out the form. Tell them you think they should make their products and packaging from 100% post consumer waste, tree free, and plastic free. And, while they are at it, manufacturing should be done with carbon free methods. They CAN do it. We must demand that they do!

IF there is a demand, business will create the supply. It’s simple business and economics.

Until they do, Grove Collaborative, Amazon, and Brandless are companies I know of so far. I’m sure further research will reveal others! If you find other options, please post to inform.

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Demand products and packaging made plastic free, or from 100% post consumer waste, and with carbon free methods


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