New Habits: What can we do NOW to Reduce Carbon Footprint, the Use of Plastics, and Help the Earth Heal

Positive Action and New Habits
A list of ideas for things we can do NOW, TODAY to help the environment, reduce the production of garbage, and help the earth heal itself

Our oceans and lands should not be dumping grounds. And a solution must be found to single use plastics. In large masses, consumers (including us) have to start demanding a change in packaging. That’s all it is. We can go to food manufacturers/packagers directly. And we can go to retailers that sell

The products. If we demand products and foods packaged on sustainable materials, producers will supply.

And start making better choices, NOW.

Here are some ideas:


  • Buy milk in a carton instead of plastic
  • Use reusable bags (in produce and checkout)
  • If you smoke, do not make litter of the butts
  • In the produce section, choose the loose produce (not already in plastic)
  • Choose a product packaged in glass over one in plastic
  • Have a reusable cup for takeout coffee
  • Bring your lunch instead of buy (and use reusable containers or paper to wrap it
  • If you have a produce w a dispenser pump, there is probably refill you can buy for it instead of always buying a new small quantity bottle w a pump
  • Pick Up Trash when you see it and recycle or put it in the garbage
  • Recycle everything you can
  • Plant trees


  • Write the companies that make products you buy and ask them for plastic free packaging
  • Write the stores that sell the products you buy and ask them to sell products only packaged plastic free
  • Support efforts to clean up ocean garbage
  • Support efforts to clean up garbage on land
  • Encourage and support reforestation and tree planting all over the globe
  • Support efforts that prevent garbage from going where it shouldn’t (on land and sea)
  • Support efforts to make use of post consumer waste (transforming them into raw materials for more permanent products like outdoor furniture or building materials)


Got other ideas? Share them!

There are so many small things we can do every day that, when taken as a whole, can make an enjoy different. It’s just a matter of establishing new habits. It’s not even difficult or inconvenient! It’s just finding better, healthier ways to do things.

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