Don’t Litter. Plan Ahead.

Eloise and Emily proudly marched with the Women’s March on Washington on 1/22/2017.

There have been some complaints about litter.  Though, this in now way, in my opinion, discredits the march itself (as some have tried to suggest it should). News is also that much of the trash was left over from the Inauguration the day before.


No one should ever litter.  It is a selfish, disrespectful and irresponsible thing to do.  Plan ahead.  If you are going to a large public event (like a march) assume all garbage receptacles will be full.  Bring a couple of balled up plastic grocery sacks (they take up very little space when empty) and plan to bring your garbage with you until you can find adequate disposal and recycle facilities.

Always take responsibility for what you leave behind!

That said, you can donate to help support the employees doing this thankless work:

Please also check out my daughter’s organization
Project PUT: Pick Up Trash

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Two friends pick up trash from Mexico to Canada

The story of these two guys is pretty amazing!

Headline: “Two friends walked from Mexico to Canada and picked up every piece of rubbish they saw along the way”


Here’s a link to their Instagram page, PACKING IT OUT:

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