Comment about Starbucks’ irresponsible, polluting product packaging submitted to Starbucks Customer Service Contact Us form

I wrote the following comment to Starbucks this morning after looking at my sack of Starbucks ground coffee bags.  I’d been saving them up since i thought these could be taken to a Starbucks store and recycled there.  But I asked about recycling these used ground coffee bags at the store and they looked at me like I had crabs crawling out of my ears. In addition, the fellow behind the counter was rather patronizing in the tone of his response to me, as if I was stupid for asking. This made me mad.

Here’s my note to Starbucks:


Dear Starbucks,
I like your coffee. I’m VERY VERY concerned about the environmental impact of your product packaging.

Your paper cups say they contain 10% post consumer waste. Can’t you do better than THAT? How about 100% post consumer waste to make your cups. Why not?

And the plastic cups? Why aren’t they made of post consumer waste? They should be.

And what about the bags in which your coffee beans and ground coffee are packaged. Those are neither composed of post consumer waste nor are they recyclable.

All this amounts to a BLOT on Starbuck’s environmental responsibility. Starbucks is a HUGE POLLUTER.

What are you going to do about that?
My suggestions:
Make sure ALL PACKAGING is composed of 100% post consumer waste.
Make ALL PACKAGING 100% recyclable or biodegradable.

Come on Starbucks. Be a good corporate citizen of the world. Do the right thing. Lead the way!

Thank you,
Emily Gleichenhaus
Arlington, VA
Project PUT: Pick Up Trash

PS: I will be posting my note to you and your response on all our social media.

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