Fresh Gourmet Product Packaging

I love Fresh Gourmet wonton strips on salads.  But their packaging is an environmental nightmare.  So I filled out their form and wrote a comment: 

Dear Fresh Gourmet,

I love your wonton strips and tortilla strips for salads.  One of my favorite things lately is to combine freshly roasted chicken, shaved carrots, your wonton strips, and Makoto dressing together to make the most delicious salad, made better by the crunch wontons.

But I feel just horrible about your packaging. Every time I enjoy a package of wonton strips, I feel like I’m sacrificing my moral integrity, because your packaging is not biodegradable, it is not made of post consumer waste and it is not recyclable.  It’s horrible!!

Does it really have to be this way?  Before it’s too late, companies need to start thinking about, and taking some responsibility for, what happens to their products and product packaging after they’ve been used.

Maybe Fresh Gourmet could be a leader in product packaging!

Please, right away, start packaging your goodies in wrappings that are comprised of 100% post consumer waste and that are also recyclable and biodegradable.  Humans can put a man on the moon, don’t you think Fresh Express could find a way to package wonton strips in a way that doesn’t ruin the environment?

Thank you.

A conflicted customer,

Emily Gleichenhaus

Arlington, VA

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