Asking JR Watkins company for product refills and post consumer/recycled packaging

I wrote this (admittedly, rambling) note to JR Watkins company, asking for refills and the use of packaging made from recycled post consumer waste:

I love your lemon all purpose cleaner. I like the grapefruit, too.

I feel badly about throwing out the bottle and would rather refill it. Do you offer (or will you please consider offering) refills for the lemon (&/or grapefruit) all purpose cleaner to reduce use of plastics.

It would also be really terrific, since your products are made of natural/biodegradable ingredients (which is one of the main reasons I purchase them over other choices), if you would make the bottles out of reclaimed/post consumer waste! Maybe you could help create a market for ocean plastic. Doing this, creating a demand for these pollutants by making them a commodity, would inspire some work on removing plastics from the earths waters! This would be good for EVERYONE! It certainly would be a boost to the bona fides of your product. Not only would your product be earth friendly, but its packaging would be earth friendly, too.

In summary, please create refills for all your products (I did see that Target online offers a refill for the hand soap at a reasonable price) dispenser AND package all your products in materials derived from post consumer/recycled waste. THANK YOU!

Emily Gleichenhaus
Arlington, VA

PS: Project PUT: Pick Up Trash

Addendum, 7/22/2017

Response from JR Watkins:

Hello Emily,

Thank you for contacting JR Watkins. Unfortunately Watkins does not have a refill for the all-purpose cleaners. Watkins is committed to making products that are safe and environmentally friendly. All of our packaging is comprised of BPA-free plastics, and we do not source packaging that may contain BPA. JR. Watkin plastic bottles are also recyclable, and we are committed to using minimal packaging made from environmentally-friendly materials.

Currently Watkins only offers a refill size for the liquid hand soaps. I will forward your suggestion to the appropriate department for consideration.

Watkins appreciates your interest and hopes to continue to provide you with quality natural products.


Laura Pozek | Customer Satisfaction Representative

J.R. Watkins |

150 Liberty Street | Winona, MN 55987 | 800-243-9423 |

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