7/20/2018 Project PUT Comment to Chobani Yogurt

On 7/20/2018, I wrote Chobani Yogurt:

Dear Chobani,
Your yogurt is delicious. My children, especially, love it.
And your packaging is beautiful.

But oh, the packaging. It HURTS me to buy your yogurt cups and yogurt smoothies as the plastic is so THICK and HEAVY.

Single use plastics are clearly a scourge of the planet, especially to our water systems where so much of the single use plastics end up, breaking up into smaller pieces and making its way into our drinking water and food supply. God. A few minutes enjoying your delicious yogurt from a cup, the stuff of which will be in existence for generations after we all are dead. Is that really what we want?

The world is eventually going to find a way to package foods in ways that are not so detrimental to our environment.

Could not Chobani find a way to be a leader of that change? Can’t you find a better way to deliver your yogurt except in single use plastic containers?


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