PUT Drone 3000 by Eloise

Eloise and I were conversing in the car.  We got on the subject of Project PUT and drifted onto the subject of inventions.  Eloise and I had visited Central Park in NYC a few weeks ago and she spent some time talking to a guy who was standing on a high rock (Eloise loves to climb rocks) flying a small remote control drone over one of the small lakes in the park.  When we were talking in the car, Eloise said wouldn’t it be great to make a thing that could go to places we can’t reach, like that drone, to Pick Up Trash.  She also said it would be good if there was one that people could ride on and just reach over the edge with a picker to get things that would be hard to get while walking around.  I told her that everything that we see started with an idea, and since this was her idea, she should write about it and make a drawing.  Then our conversation drifted onto other subject and I forgot about this idea until I went to our basement to do some laundry and found this:

IMG_0713 edit

Eloise got out paper, pencil and drafting tools to write and draw out her idea which she calls PUT Drone 3000.

Here are close ups of the drawings:

IMG_0724 edit
PUT Drone 3000
Concept and Drawing by Eloise Gleichenhaus

The Put Drone 3000 will make the world beautiful. It has sensors so it will land easy, fans so it can fly, a robo-hand to Pick Up Trash, a remote to guide it where to fly, and a hand to grab. The hand will bring the trash into the box.

The parts/features of the PUT Drone 3000 include:

  • Seat so you can ride
  • Box for trash
  • Robo-hand
  • Sensors
  • Fans

IMG_0725 edit

This is a legend explains in detail some of the features:

  • Sensors come from those remote control toy planes so the remote can fly it.
  • Fans will help it fly, to get it off the ground.
  • Robo-hand is made to grab and PUT trash in a box.

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