Eloise G. Gives Her 2 Cents About Starting Project PUT

Eloise just turned 10.  She had a marvelous experience the other day at school when her class went into the woods near their school and picked up 3 full bags of garbage.  The children were amazed at how much trash they found, but they felt good to have cleaned it up and to have made their community more beautiful.

Eloise wanted to do the same thing when we took the Metro to downtown Washington, DC today to visit some museums.  Trash was everywhere and we decided to pick it up.  We filled 8 littered plastic shopping bags with garbage.  Some we recycled and some went into the city trash cans.

Eloise would like to share a couple of her thoughts on starting Project PUT:

“I just wanted to say I thought it was just sad for all the trash in our city. I love our city and I hate to see that people don’t care if their city is a junk yard or a trash can.  I’m just so happy that at least some people are willing to keep our city in good shape.  P-U-T (pick up trash) helps that.”

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