Project PUT Picks Up Trash in DC on Bastille Day 2014

Eloise and I just happened to perform a PUT Expedition in Downtown DC on Bastille Day 2014.

It reminds me of the Key to the Bastille, which you can see at George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate.  The key to the Bastille was given to George Washington by the Marquis de Lafayette after the American Revolution.

It also reminds me to care about our Freedom and respect it by making our communities beautiful.  Since litter ruins beauty, and since we want freedom form the tyranny of trash, we will Pick Up Trash!

Here are some pix of Eloise Practicing Project PUT:

IMG_0590 - Copy
On the way to the Metro

IMG_0592 - Copy
Eloise is a Professional PUTTER

IMG_0593 - Copy
Eloise isn’t afraid to PUT some effort into PUT

IMG_0594 - Copy
Eloise PUTS even when it is disgusting (and it often IS disgusting).  Now for some Purel!

IMG_0597 - Copy
More PUT

IMG_0598 - Copy
Ahh!  After all that PUT, a relaxing moment by the National Gallery Sculpture Garden fountain and then a trip to the museum (and a cup of gelato, too!)

How About a Song!

Sing Project PUT Theme Song with Eloise and Emily

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