Writing Olay Company about their despicable packaging, 4/29/2019

4/29/2019 I wrote:

Dear Olay,

I like your skin care products. But why, in order to access your skin care products, do I have to be forced to contribute to Earth’s climate crisis?  

Please start making your packaging out of tree free, plastic free, compostable, plant based materials.  Or at the very least, make your packaging out of 100% post consumer waste. And please use renewable energy in your manufacturing process.

I have here an empty jar of Fragrance Free Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream.  What am I supposed to do with this jar?  Why, if I wanted to use micro-sculpting cream, do I have be be responsible for a jar that will still be polluting some landfill or body of water until long after both of our great great grandchildren are dead? IS THAT THE LEGACY WE WENT TO LEAVE BEHIND?

I believe in my heart of hearts that it is possible for you to distribute your terrific face cream without destroying the earth. How about being an industry leader and give it a try? 

Make Olay an environmental hero instead of an environmental villain (as you are now).
Thank you,
Emily Gleichenhaus
Arlington, VA
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PS:  It STINKS that your CONTACT US comment box has a character limit of 275.

Their (LAME) response ON 4/29/2019:

Dear Emily,

Thank you for contacting Olay.

I have already shared your feedback with our management team.

Thanks so much! It will help us to further improve.

We will happily assist you in the future. Hope you will give us another opportunity to serve you. Sincerely,



Olay Specialist

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