Asutra Mist Your Mood Lavender & Chamomile (to reduce stress), frustrates and stresses and comes in plastic

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I bought some of your Lavender & Chamomile Mist Your Mood. The pump stopped working and the bottle is still 7/8s full. I like the product. The non working pump frustrates me. I do not want another bottle as I’m attempting to reduce my use of plastics. I wish you didn’t package your product in plastic and that the pump worked.

Just saying, this is frustrating.

I like our product. It is a worthy product. But there HAS TO BE a better way to distribute products than in plastics which are RUINING LIFE ON EARTH. The bottle with the pump that doesn’t work will probably NOT get recycled. I will put it in my recycle bin, of course. However recycling is ineffective and NOT the answer to the plastics problem. Very few places on earth take the post consumer plastic materials anymore and nobody seems to bother to use the materials for repurposing them to new products. Although, that is something you could consider doing. If you insist on using plastics, at the VERY LEAST, you could package them in bottles comprised of 100% post consumer waste.

So, here I am as a consumer with a dilemma. A dilemma that almost every producer of products that I like puts me in. I want your products, but I DO NOT WANT THEM TO COME PACKAGED IN PLASTIC. In addition, I wish the packaging worked properly for dispensing the product (which the bottle I have for the Mist Your Mood Lavender & Camomile does not do.

Ironic, isn’t it? A product I bought to make me feel happy and relaxed has frustrated and stressed me and forced me to write this note?

Maybe, as a seller of a product, you could figure out a better way to do things.

Emily Gleichenhaus
Arlington, VA

Here’s an article:
Recycling won’t save us. Let’s phase out the scourge of plastic pollution.

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