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Dear Brandless, 

I discovered that you sell tree free paper products and immediately signed in to your site to make a purchase. I was delighted that you sell lots of organic products, too. My household is about to receive our third order. 

We have been very happy with the things we’ve purchased. My son really likes the beef jerky, for example. The apple sauce is tasty. I love the tree free tissue boxes and toilet paper. I appreciate the tree free paper towels and will continue to use them based mostly on the fact they are tree free. 

The tree free paper towels are a product you could improve, though. I’m writing this because the tree free paper towels is a primary reason I’m buying g from Brandless. And I will continue to use them based on the fact they are tree free (even if the product is not as good as the conventional product). As paper towels go, they are not very good. For example, their durability and perforation really stink. When you go to tear off a sheet, inevitably, it rips off snout 4/5ths the way down, leaving a trailing tail off the end of the roll. The towels just can’t cope with being pulled off the roll.

The other issue I’d like to discuss has to do with plastic packaging and non-recyclable packaging.

If you are going to offer organic foods and tree free paper products, how about go all the way for planet earth and stop wrapping the products in plastic or materials that cannot be recycled at all?

We know that plastics are polluting our land, water, and air. We are literally eating and drinking plastics every day.  In addition, many people don’t realize that the recycling system is ineffective. Until there are markets in the USA for recycled materials as a raw material (especially now that China and India are no longer taking our recycled materials), this will continue to be true. In addition, the making and use of new plastics is unhealthy and polluting. Humanity’s best option is to significantly curtail the use of plastics (especially those mage is virgin materials).

Consumers will continue to need and want  to purchase products. For example, we can’t stop buying eggs, but we can chose ones packaged in paper trays as opposed to plastic and sellers. Sellers should sell the eggs in paper trays! Manufacturers, makers, and sellers can make a conscious (and conscientious) choice to package and sell products in plastic free, tree free, packaging that itself has been sustainably manufactured and, as often as possible, with 100% post consumer waste. 

Even worse are packages that cannot be recycled at all. The apple sauce is delicious, but those packets they come in are horrible! The apple sauce gets consumed in minutes and the package it came in will last to pollute a landfill for decades after our great grandchildren are dead. Is that the legacy we want to leave behind. Is there really no way to sell your apple sauce except for in packages that kill wildlife, pollute landfills, and leach micro plastics into the water all of us drink. Really? You can’t do better than that? I sort of think that if humanity can walk in the moon, humanity can find a way to distribute apple sauce in a way that doesn’t poison, pollute, and kill. 

I sincerely hope you agree.

It would be wonderful if Brandless would be an industry leader and abandon plastic packaging all together. 

Thank you for you consideration. Thank you for caring how the way you package your products impacts the earth and the health of all of us who inhabit this planet.

Emily Gleichenhaus 

Project PUT: Pick Up Trash
Every little PUT counts
@ProjectPUT (Facebook & Twitter)

BRANDLESS has been very responsive and I appreciate that very much!

4/24/2019 Brandless Representative Responded:

Hi Emily,

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your feedback on our products and packaging. We sincerely appreciate your input and take it seriously. In an effort to improve as we grow, I have shared this information with the appropriate teams.

I am happy to hear that your son loves the Organic Beef Jerky and Organic Applesauce pouches.! For our knowledge, which varieties does he like?

I have shared your feedback about the Tree Free Paper Towels with our Product team.

In regards to your concerns about the plastic packaging and non- recyclable packaging, we are always trying to find a balance between the materials we use to protect our products and to not be wasteful. It is important to us that our products arrive not only intact but also clean and in the best condition that you deserve. As we continue to improve our products, and their packaging, the impact they have on our earth is a top priority for us. While we don’t have a solution for our tree free products just yet, please know that we are focused on quality and are always open to feedback and new ideas. To note, the packaging around the tree free bath tissue, travel facial tissue, and paper towels products are recyclable – LDPE 4.

We are working on packaging using more recyclable alternatives on products such as our apple sauce pouches.

I hope this information is helpful. We are here to help should you have any more questions, concerns, or feedback.

Thank you for being a part of the Brandless™ community,

4/25/2019 I Responded:

Thank you! That is good to know. I especially hope the applesauce pitches can be replaced with a better alternative: something sustainably sourced and which composts.

I didn’t specify my daughter )both kids are teens) but she is the apple sauce consumer and really likes the strawberry best. The plain is acceptable and I get that for variety. I’ll have to look I’d you have it, but other co’s make mixed berry and she likes that, too,

Inforgot to mention a couple other products that I’d love (and surely others would, too):

I would love if you would offer plastic free/tree free refills for swiffer products. I like swifter mop (used for both wet and dry cloth refills) and swiffer dusters. But I feel horrible about the plastics they are made from and the hard plastic packaging the swiffer wet refill cloths come in. Amazon sells a dry refill cloth version made of bamboo. Maybe Brandless could sell a like product and package it in a box made of 100% post consumer waste. The same for the wet mop refills. Could those refill sheets also be made of bamboo? And maybe they could be saturated in an eco friendly cleaning solution.

I bought your baby wipes. I like that they are made of plant based fiber and that they are packaged in a thin plastic film instead of a heavy plastic box. I would like to buy your surface cleaning wipes, but it does not look like the wipes are made of plant based fibers. And they come in that hard plastic tube.

If you made surface cleaning wipes with the same eco friendly solution, but packaged them in a thin plastic film (comprised of 100% post consumer waste would be best or from s bio material) and made the wipes themselves from plant based fibers, I would be delighted and would buy them. Right now I clean up with your tree free paper towels and Mrs. Myers cleaning spray. That works, but can be cumbersome. Sometimes it would be a delight to clean up with convenient wipes that I didn’t have to feel bad about using.

Thank you

4/25/2019 Brandless Representative Responded
Note: I didn’t mean to correct her on which of my kids liked the apple sauce. It’s just a reminder that emails can be misinterpreted or misunderstood when talking in person is better for precise communication. The downside to that is time and energy and that you don’t end up with a record.

Hi Emily,

My apologies- I see that you did not specify whether you were referring to your son or daughter.

Thank you for all of the product recommendations that you have shared! I have forwarded them to our Product team.

Here is a link to the product information page for our Lemon Verbena Surface Cleaning Wipes. https://brandless.com/products/lemon-verbena-surface-cleaning-wipes

Feel free to reach out with any other questions, concerns, or feedback.

All the best,


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