Delicious French’s Fried Onions (and their horrible packaging and palm oil ingredient)

I love French’s Fried Onions, but when I just now put another plastic box in the recycle bin, I decided to write them (via the contact form on their website) about their packaging:

Friends, I love French’s Fried onions. They are good on so many things. But I’m conflicted! The packaging is HORRIBLE! WHY A PLASTIC BOX? We use the box for such a short time and then FOREVER it sits in a landfill or degrades in a body of water to give us all cancer when it becomes micro-plastic and we eat it or drink it. Humans lived for millennia without plastic boxes. Couldn’t you package these delicious onions in a paper box with a wax paper liner? Come on! Let’s be good citizens of the earth. And, while you’re at it, how about NOT making them with palm oil. Is it really necessary to decimate rain forests to get that oil? You REALLY can’t use some other kind? Please. Do the right thing. You can still make delicious fried onions that everyone will love. But please, use packaging and ingredients that won’t ruin the planet. I want to enjoy the fried onions, but I don’t want to contribute to ruining the earth to enjoy them.

I run an effort called Project PUT: Pick Up Trash. I look forward to your response.


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