9/17/2018 Project PUT Packaging Note to Chobani Yogurt

I wrote Chobani Yogurt a second time, 9/18/2018:


Chobani Yogurt Customer Care Contact Form

Dear Chobani,

My children and I very much enjoy your yogurt products. I feel good about the quality of the yogurt you make.

I am also, however, very concerned about your plastic packaging. I feel just awful about it. My kids love your yogurt smoothies and yogurt cups, but they consume one and then the plastic bottle or cup it came it could last for hundreds of years polluting a landfill or end up in our water for us to consume or to choke or poison wildlife.

Milk comes on paper cartons. Chinese food, too. Can’t a company like yours, that professes a mission to provide healthy nutrition to your customers then find a way to package products so that the packaging does not poison and pollute our beautiful planet? When it comes to your yogurt, cannot your customers have the cake and eat it, too?

I really like your yogurt, but for me, buying and consuming it with my family also comes with a huge dose of guilt for enabling/supporting Chonani to package products in such an environmentally irresponsible fashion.

Can you please find a better way to package your products than in plastic? You could become heros in this story and real leaders. Please do. And please do it quickly. There is no time to waste.

Thank you,
Emily Gleichenhaus
Arlington, VA

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Project PUT: Pick Up Trash
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Response I received from Chobani 9/18/2018:

Hello Emily,

Thanks so much for reaching out to us. We’ve been on a mission since day one to provide better food for more people. Sustainability is not just a word to us; it’s a core value. From cow, to cup, to consumer, we’re bringing Chobani’s universal wellness mission to life through a holistic sustainability program. We’re always exploring new ideas and approaches that support the economic, environmental, and social impacts of our business.

When it comes to our packaging, we’re constantly seeking new ways to minimize our impact on the environment, using less plastic per cup, less paperboard for our packaging overwraps, and less corrugate cardboard for our case shippers. Our sustainable packaging efforts have real impacts on the yogurt category and the planet. Since August 2015, we’ve reduced our packaging weight by 7.4% by redesigning our cups, saving over 2.1 million lbs. of plastic resin – the weight of eight adult blue whales.

We know that many of our fans are having important conversations about sustainability, recycling, and protecting the planet we all share. Here at Chobani, we’re having these conversations, too. Your passionate comments will be shared with our Packaging Innovation Team for review.

Thanks again for reaching out.

JodiLyn Livingston
Community Loyalty Team




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