Comment to Safeway: Please offer biodegradable bags and make it easier to bring reusable grocery bags from home

I’m concerned about plastic pollution.
I wrote Safeway this morning with my concerns regarding their plastic bags.



Dear Safeway

I am a frequent customer at Safeway.
I try to remember to always bring my own bags.

I’m despondent about the plastic entering our waterways, killing wildlife, polluting the water, and even entering our food chain.

Could Safeway decide to be a solution rather than part of the problem?

Could Safeway be an industry leader and provide biodegradable bags?

And maybe it would be good if you stepped up your efforts to encourage folks to bring their own reusable bags. I know you do some of this, but folks could use reminders. For example, a sign outside the store that says, “Did you remember your reusable grocery bags” and maybe some small reward for using them.

Also, I usually use the self checkout and using one’s own bags in self checkout is very difficult and prohibitive. I don’t know how many bags that I’ll need before I need them. That’s one of the questions with the “I brought my own bag” button. And the scales cannot deal w the use of bags brought from home, frequently causing the “unintended item in bagging area” error, causing one to have that irritating wait for someone to come bail you out of the error message.

The alternative is to collect all items and bag after, to the incessant chorus of the machine repeating, “please take your items, please take your items,” which drives any reasonable person up a tree.

The additional problem w this scenario is the extra time it takes, and if there’s a line (and often there is) enduring the glares of waiting people probably silently cursing me for being a tree higher while taking that extra time to bag. This, giving tree huggers a bad name, when tree huggers should, in reality, be rewarded and praised for actively caring about the conservation of our beautiful earth.

So, in summary:
🌻 Please offer bio degradable grocery bags
🌻 Please encourage people to bring their own reusable bags w methods like reminder signs and small rewards
🌻 Please find a way to make it easier and faster to use reusable grocery bags brought from home in the self checkout

Thank you,
A Concerned Customer
Emily Gleichenhaus
Project PUT: Puck Up Trash
Arlington, VA

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