I wrote the NY Times about their move hiring a reporter that is a Climate Change Denier

I don’t understand how the NY Times can defend hiring a Climate Science denier at the same time the NY Times is professing to be a beacon of truth with slogans like, “Truth.  It has no alternative.” Especially when they then go and defend their decision by saying that “millions of people agree with him.”  No matter how many people believe a lie, it’s still a lie.  Millions believing something untrue does not make it true.

New York Times defends hiring extreme climate denier: ‘millions agree with him’

I wrote Liz Spayed who is the Public Editor. The “Contact Us” page on NY Times says the job of the, “public editor, Liz Spayd, looks at issues of journalistic integrity and news judgment at The New York Times.”

Here’s link to NY Times Contact Us Page:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write them to protest this move!!

Here’s what I wrote (out of complete disbelief and desperation) on 4/16/2017:

Dear Public Editor Liz Spayed:

I’m deeply concerned after reading that the NY Times has hired a contributor who is a climate change denier and that the paper has defended this decision by saying that millions of people agree with this person’s views. Is this the truth? The Washington Post created the tagline “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” This means that the light of truth is what keeps democracy alive. Doesn’t The New York Times also seek to shine the light of Truth on the darkness? It seems to me it would seek to do that. Then why, for the love of God, would NY Times give voice to the darkness? The fact that millions of people believe (conveniently) the lie of climate denial does not invalidate the truth. It makes the mission of Truth all the more important. To me, climate denial IS THE DARKNESS. Climate Denial is a lie, a sham. It is anti-science and anti-intellectualism at its most basic level. Climate Denial might be convenient, but it is dangerous and wrong.

I’ve looked to the NY Times as a shining light in the darkness. We are long time readers and subscribers. Is the New York Times going to be just as unreliable, a liar, just like Brietbart or Fox?

How can anyone trust NY Times reporting is you are giving into the lies of the dark side? What is going on? Is this capitulation? What has the NY Times done????

Addendum 4/17/2017

I got an email back responding to my concern:

Dear Ms. Gleichenhaus,

Thank you for taking the time to write to us. We appreciate your concern, one which has been shared by a number of readers. The public editor has raised these concerns with the editor of editorial and, as she noted on Twitter, she will be addressing the issue in her column.

I hope this helps. Please do not hesitate to write to us if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Thanks again for writing, and for reading The Times.

Best regards,
Evan Gershkovich
Office of the Public Editor

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