Today, I wrote Campbell Soup, too.

Today, I also wrote to Campbell Soup. They do not offer an email on their website, so I wrote a letter.


Denise Morrison
Campbell Soup Company
1 Campbell Place
Camden, NJ 08103-1701

Dear Ms. Morrison,

I read about and watched videos of you chatting it up and gleefully enjoying the company of Donald Trump as part of a meeting he had with manufacture leaders.

I’m just wondering why the repeal of regulations that protect human and environmental health would be good for a manufacturer of food products.

Why is there so much glee in poisoning the environment and the food you sell to your customers? Wouldn’t any reasonable person think it was better NOT to poison people and the earth?

As a woman and a parent, I would really love to understand why poisoning people and the earth is preferable to not doing that. And, what is the ultimate benefit to your company in doing that. Wouldn’t NOT poisoning the earth and the environment be a better choice?

Instead of colluding with people like Donald Trump and his Republican pals, why not BE A LEADER in using sustainably grown good as ingredients in your products? Instead of lobbying for ways to get away with poisoning the water, air, land and food that sustain all life in earth, why not lead the way in finding ways to grow food in a way that won’t poison the people who buy your products and the earth that hosts your operations?

Isn’t it better to NOT poison the earth and the people who consume your products?

If you disagree, and you think poisoning your customers and the earth is a better option, why? Why is poison preferable to sustainability?

Please be a leader and not collude with those who prefer to poison God’s great creations and instead choose to sustain and nurture health and beauty.

Thank you,


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