Let Us Not Grow Weary (ELEG Cutout Poster 2016)

Let Us Not Grow Weary
Cut Out Poster ELEG 2016
Words from the Bible, Galatians 6:9
To view or print this poster, click here:

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4 thoughts on “Let Us Not Grow Weary (ELEG Cutout Poster 2016)

    • Thank you InfinitelyRemote! We are going to try to remember this slogan (Galatians verse) when we march tomorrow! My daugter Eloise and I will join the Women’s March on Washington and I pray that we do not grow weary :-)!! There is A LOT OF WORK TO DO!

      • Thanks again, InfinitelyRemote! It’s nice to have the support. It was an absolutely AMAZING day!! Wow. The number of people at the march in DC was so huge that you hardly could even march! The whole march corridor was filled shoulder to shoulder with people. And all over the world, too. One thing I’ll never forget from the DC march and images of all the other marches are the marvelous homemade signs, from funny, to puns, to real ART. So fantastic. But now the real work begins. DAILY ACTION: merciless and relentless. Undo the gerrymandering that is partly responsible for this mess and GET PEOPLE OUT TO VOTE!!

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