Lost With Friends (a organization that unites people who Pick Up Trash!)

What a wonderful thing!

LOST WITH FRIENDS is an organization that unites people who Pick Up Trash!


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10 thoughts on “Lost With Friends (a organization that unites people who Pick Up Trash!)

  1. Thank you EG. You can log an estimate of all the trash you’ve ever picked up at LostWithfriends . That will give my trash graph a nice bump! I hope you will upload a picture of yourself in your trash picking finest. I will have a slideshow on the homepage soon.πŸŒŽπŸ™βœŒοΈKen- garbage guru

  2. I glanced at your post and realized it says we ‘untie’ people which is a funny transposition of ‘unite’ . I wanted to let you know that folks are starting to adopt their streets for weekly pickup and letting me know about it when they log their trash at lostWithfriends.com. You can write in the ‘trash talk’ field , your town, street and section of it. We have a Manhattan block, numerous streets in Charlotte Vt, one in Bristol VT, Burlinton VT and Samara Costa Rica. We are over 2000 lbs! Planet Pack prototype III is so close to being produced!

  3. Hey!! That’s great!! You can now say you’ve picked up a ton of trash. AMAZING!! Congratulations. I’ll check it out and see if we might be able to adopt our street, since we pick trash up every time we see it. Manhattan needs more folks to pick up trash. I love NYC from the bottom of my heart, but there’s way too much garbage laying around on the streets and people just walk right on by it. Gee Wiz, people! Pick It Up.

    I’m putting in my calendar to log garbage picked up on the first of every month. Feel free to remind me if you happen to notice I missed an entry :-).

    Thanks for the note about my typo. I’ve got a touch of the dyslexia, so typos are a hazard, but it helps to get a heads up to correct them.


    • Of course you can adopt…and there is no particular obligation. Let me know your town, street, section of it, whatever. You are our first Planet a person in….where are you? Virginia? πŸ™‚

      Ken Spencer Cell 802 338 2439 Link to best documentary ever


      • PERFECT. when you get out there, pick some logical section like the 400 block, or Bleeker Street to Main Street. Send a note. I just found another adopter here in my town also:)

        Ken Spencer Cell 802 338 2439 Link to best documentary ever


      • Hey Emily, you should make Arlington your target, maybe use your blog, or some community share site to encourage folks to adopt their streets and log at LostWithfriends . Soon I’ll have more reinforcing things there, like a nice slideshow, and affirmations. We have Front Porch Forum hear and I have found lots of interest there. It seems to be working because so many locals read it everyday and like you guys, I am keeping the message simple.

        Ken Spencer Cell 802 338 2439 Link to best documentary ever


    • I love that name. I wonder where you are living πŸ™‚ Are there even streets there? If you want to adopt your street, jot that down when you log trash at LostWithfriends. You can upload a picture of yourself picking up in your pickup duds, or a before and after shot of a beautiful spot picked up. I’ll have a nice slideshow on the front the site soon. Thanks for being a Planet Person and supporting Project Put.

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