Trash in Target Parking Lot

I was appalled this morning by all the garbage in the Target parking lot (ran some errands after Sing Books in Ms. Sackett’s class), so I hijacked a small (which of these things doesn’t belong here) lonely shopping cart and began to fill it with the evidence of fellow citizen’s irresponsibility. The attached pictures are from just 2 isles of the parking lot. I set it up by the garbage can at the front of the store and got the store manager and showed him and talked a little about the Broken Window Syndrome. Little things lead to big things. Litter is intolerable and it eats away at the fabric of our society. Let’s pick up trash when we see it and let’s not tolerate the activity of littering.

I consider it one of my patriotic duties to keep our country beautiful.

And once again, I’ll plug Eloise’s Project PUT: Pick Up Trash.

Wanna be patriotic? Don’t pick up a gun, PICK UP TRASH!!!





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