A Brother in PUT Arms (Seen 9:40am, 9/30/2014), but he just doesn’t know it…

This morning, driving North on Ohio Street in Arlington, VA, crossing the bridge over 66, I spied a man (trim and fit, maybe late 50’s), heading South, with a walking stick in one hand and two big plastic shopping sacks filled with garbage.  As I passed him, he crouched to pick up a flattened plastic water bottle that was sitting right next to the curb.  Incidentally, we feel that it is critical to pick up these sorts of littered items because items sitting right next curbs will be quickly sent to the water sewers and out to the ailing Chesapeake Bay as soon as the next rain, so it is very important to recover these items before the rain carries them away, which was exactly what this Brother in PUT Arms was doing when I saw him.  I wanted so badly to stop the car, talk to him, and thank him for his service (this is service no less than any other service is service).  But there was a car following closely behind me (which is also something that just drives me nuts) and I thought, too, that freaking him out like that might not be nice.

So I’ll send my thank you to the Universe:  Thank you dear man who was walking South on Ohio this morning at 9:40, picking up garbage and making this world just a little bit better.  Blessings to you!  Stay safe and well and keep up the good work!

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