Email to Arlington County Virginia Environmental Services

This is an email I wrote to Arlington County Environmental Services about our Project PUT Expedition this morning and about the Project PUT effort and philosophy.

We’ll see if we get a response.

Email, 9/21/2014

Dear Arlington County,

My daughter Eloise (a 5th grader at Tuckahoe Elementary School) wanted to create a movement to eliminate litter from our environment. The reality is that litter degrades our community and there is zero excuse for it. Litter cannot be justified.

Eloise created,
Project PUT: Pick Up Trash (and put it where it belongs in the recycle or designated trash receptacle)
We get out in the neighborhoods with our PUT Packs and pick up trash.

Since Arlington County does an excellent job of putting trash receptacles in public places and provides ample opportunities to recycle (collection centers and home pick up in the excellent blue bins), we believe littering is an inexcusable social and environmental offence. There is no reason why people cannot properly dispose of their waste, even if they have to keep it with them to dispose of the waste at home.

We think it would be helpful is Arlington County took a stance on this and posted NO LITTERING signs to remind people that a clean beautiful community environment should be a priority for everyone who lives here.

We write a blog about some of our PUT Expeditions and about our thinking on the subject.
Project PUT: Pick Up Trash (and put it where it belongs in the recycle or a designated trash receptacle)

For example, we have written:

Just today, Eloise and I went on a PUT Expedition in our Westover neighborhood and collected a full bag of littered garbage (most of it would have been easy to recycle) in less than 30 minutes:

We hope that with our efforts to clean up what we can and a public effort to inspire people to avoid littering to begin with, we can make our community even more prosperous and beautiful.

Thank you,
Emily Gleichenhaus (Arlington, VA)

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This Pinterest board is a collection of all the graphic images, posters, song sheets and printables from the Project PUT blog:



2 thoughts on “Email to Arlington County Virginia Environmental Services

  1. Great Job Emily,
    This is the sort of grass-roots effort that makes the world a better place to live.
    I hope your correspondence opens some eyes at Arlington County Environmental Services and leads to much more exposure for your most worthwhile initiative.
    All the best!

  2. Thanks InfinintelyRemote! We keep on Picking Up Trash and hope others will too. Of course, we deeply hope that litterbugs will drop their bad habits so that we don’t find trash that needs to be picked up. One little step at a time! Best wishes and thanks for all your support, Emily

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