PUT Paks to Help You Pick Up Trash

Eloise and I have assembled identical PUT Paks to help us Pick Up Trash.


We found the perfect PUT bags at Target.  The bags are labelled “Ruck Sack,”  but the bags are versatile, with ample space inside, and can be used as backpacks or slung across your shoulders like a messenger bag.  We also like that the bags have easily accessible pockets on the outside for stashing things if needed.

Over time we have figured out the most basic items we need to Pick Up Trash while out on PUT Expeditions:

For getting to litter in hard to reach places, this long reach gripper is quite handy.  This one folds in the middle, too, so so that it tucks easily into the bag when not in use.  You can find it on Amazon (and many other places, too),
Folding Helping Hand Long-Reach Pick-Up Gripper – Light Weight Aluminum Body

Other handy items include:

  • Gardening gloves for Picking Up Trash by hand
  • Plastic grocery sacks for collecting all the PUT before you can put the items in the recyle or designated trash receptacle
  • Garden trowel for digging out trash that has worked its way into the dirt
  • Kleenex (for all sorts of things and situations that come up)
  • Wet wipes (for all sorts if things and situations that come up)
  • Purel to clean up after the clean up


Tuck everything into your back and you’re ready to PUT.

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