Writer David Sedaris is Obsessed with His FITBIT and Walks Around PICKING UP TRASH!!

One of my favorite writers is the hilarious David Sedaris.

In this New Yorker article, he writes about becoming obsessed with his FITBIT walking tracker, and he uses it, practices his own version of PROJECT PUT, by Picking Up Trash all over the countryside of England.

david sedaris fit bit trash picker
NEW YORKER illustration (by Nishant Choksi) of David Sedaris with FitBit and his trash picker for practicing PUT (Pick Up Trash)!

Living the Fitbit life.
JUNE 30, 2014


My dear friend Susie, sent me a link to this, a Q/A with David Sedaris from Toronto’s Globe and Mail paper, 6/22/2014:

David Sedaris talks about his habit of picking up rubbish (which we know as Practicing PUT),

Every day I pick up litter. Some days when I’m home in England I’ll do it for nine hours. There’s a lot of rubbish in England. Even today [in Toronto], I was running out for lunch and there were cans and bottles that somebody had left on a bench. I picked them up and I threw them away. Say my work is not going very well, or maybe I’ve had an argument with someone I care about. By picking up trash I can know that I am making the world a better place, that I’m adding value in a small way. Every morning I get up and I do sit-ups and push-ups, but that’s not making the world a better place. I don’t even know that it’s making my body a better place. Picking up rubbish keeps you humble.


David Sedaris’ wiki

David Sedaris’s book page on publisher’s website:

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