Project PUT at Indianapolis Children’s Museum and Tree of Promise

Spring Break 2014, Eloise went with me to visit family in Indianapolis.  We absolutely had to stop at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis because it is one of my favorite places in the world.  the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is a wonderful, magical place.

We were excited to find there THE TREE OF PROMISE, supporting THE POWER OF CHILDREN to make a positive difference by serving their communities.

Eloise wrote a leaf and entered the PROJECT PUT message into the TREE OF PROMISE.

Eloise wrote:

“I will Pick Up Trash to keep our home and city clean.”





Eloise’s message to the TREE OF PROMISE electronic database:

“I promise to Pick Up Trash with my program Project PUT: Pick Up Trash and my blog”


TREE OF PROMISE mentioned in this PDF classroom resource at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum

Eloise has successfully engaged in Lesson 3 of this document (p. 44), which says:

Lesson 3
The Tree of Promise: Making a Difference
In this lesson students…consider the roles and responsibilities of citizens in a democracy. They identify ways young people can make a positive difference in their own communities. They consider how their interests and abilities relate to problems and needs they want to address. After researching and selecting a problem, they develop an action plan, carry out their projects and evaluate the results…

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