BlogDogIt Makes Marvelous and Generous Contributions to ProjectPUT

We are very grateful to BlogDogIt (Michael (masodo) DeBurger) for some very appreciated contributions to the Project Put movement.

BlogDogIt found his way to the Project PUT blog since we put his video to use in one of our posts about the Pitch In to Clean Up America Campaign produced by the US Brewers of America in the 1970’s:

BlogDogIt appreciated the Project PUT effort and took an interest.  He made us an incredible suite of logos which we love and will use to represent the movement:



He used this theme to create logos, banners, buttons, avatars.  It’s amazing and overwhelming what he did to support the project of complete strangers whose project he believed in.  Thank you BlogDogIt!

You can see his creations on his website:

And, it’s not like BlogDogIt just whipped it up real quick just for fun!  Thought and meaning are built into this wonderful logo, as BlogDogIt puts it:

To give you a little background on the thought process for your logo; I can tell you my thinking began by being mindful of the Recycle Logo and trying to avoid anything remotely like “Pitch-In”
I wanted it to be simple, bold and recognizable. I started with a few sketches and settled on the three Arrows design. The “P” arrow representing the looking down and seeing the trash. The “U” arrow standing for the physical lifting up of the trash. The “T” arrow symbolizes the dropping of the trash into the proper receptacle. (Feel free to interpret any way you see fit.)

The original reason for putting the base logo into a circle was to keep any future “cutting-out” of the logo (stickers, badges, etc.) as simple as possible. Once the circle was drawn though the color choices came naturally. Blue representing Water, Green representing Land. and White representing Sky (clouds). I was thinking that in the television commercial you could probably have a picture of the Earth “morph” into the PUT Logo rather successfully (but I digress.)


And that wasn’t all.  He procured for us WWW.PROJECTPUT.ORG, so that if anyone types this in, it gets routed to this blog.  Like Pinnochio dreaming about becoming a real boy, when Eloise and I are sophisticated, organized and developed enough, we’ll take it over and make a real-live webpage for Project PUT.  Again, Thank you BlogDogIt!

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6 thoughts on “BlogDogIt Makes Marvelous and Generous Contributions to ProjectPUT

  1. Blogdogit is very awesome indeed and it was through him I found you and some other most worthy and enjoyable blogs. All hail masodo say myself and the Cloud 🙂

    – sonmicloud.

  2. Thanks for the recognition, it is appreciated. Now the goal should be to get out that simple yet world changing message to “PICK UP TRASH!”

    Those contributions I have made to Project PUT represent “the least I can do” and those who know me would vouch for me when I say “if it’s the least I can do then count me in!” 😉

    Come on folks Take the Project PUT Pledge – and PICK UP TRASH! It’s the least you can do…

    • Hello! I love the “It’s the least that you can do.” It keeps ringing in my ears because it is a lyric in the SMOKEY THE BEAR song by Scott Rollins and Steve Nelson (the team that also wrote FROSTY THE SNOWMAN). I recently had a sing-along track made for the song and I also made a book to go with it and have been delightedly singing the song to children in my Sing Books with Emily visits to local schools. It’s been fun to pull the song out and then tell the kids about Eloise’s Project PUT, since picking up trash really is the least that we can do (aside, of course, from not littering in the first place!).

      Here’s a link to my Sing Books with Emily SMOKEY THE BEAR post:

      If you know any children who you’d like to share it with, I’ll be glad to print you a copy and send it to you along with the sing-along CD.

      One of my next Sing Books projects will be to make a book and sing-along track to go with the song for Woodsy the Owl and “Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute!”

      There’s a lifetime’s amount of work to be done…nice to know boredom is not an option!!

  3. Oops… Correction Emily:
    This posts’ title mentions DogBlogIt when it should read BlogDogIt (‘dog it’ as in ‘least I can do’) You are not the first to “dislexify” it. Thanks again!

  4. Hello! YES!! I fixed it! I made that throughout the original write up and had made the changes, but missed the one in the title…but fixed it (was hoping to get it fixed before you saw it… 🙂 )…also fixed it in the post’s URL. Truly, dyslexia HAS been a slight plague for me through my life (though my problem much improved as I got older), and my 11 year old son is much more afflicted than I ever was…it made school just terrible for him until we figured out what it was and got him the right kind of supports and valiantly he got himself caught up. He’s doing great now, even though school is much more difficult for him that it is for the average kid, he gets though it and even makes the honor roll. That’s a whole other blog I could write! But life is good and I’m just glad that modern word processing helps me overcome (most of) the terrible time I always had getting things right in print :-). BEST and THANKS again!!

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