We are the Crazy Ones! Let’s Change the World by Making it a Better Place.

We here at Project PUT think we can change the world by making it a better place by Picking Up Trash one piece of litter at  time.


Here's to the crazy ones poster eleg sbwe pput
Poster by ELEG for SBWE and Project PUT
Words by Steve Jobs for Apple Ad
To view or print this poster, click here:
Here’s to the crazy ones poster eleg sbwe pput


Here’s to the crazy ones
The misfits
The rebels
The troublemakers
The round pegs in the square holes
The ones who see things differently
They’re not fond of rules
And they have no respect for the status quo
You can quote them
Disagree with them
Glorify or vilify them
About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them
Because they change things
They push the human race forward
While some may see them as the crazy ones
We see genius
Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world
Are the ones who do

Steve Jobs

Add narrated by Steve Jobs

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8 thoughts on “We are the Crazy Ones! Let’s Change the World by Making it a Better Place.

  1. Dear Michael,
    I apologize for the delay, but I wanted to run it by my daughter, and we LOVE this logo! We were thinking about what to do for a logo and we will use this marvelous creation by you…reminds us of Girl Scouts and Recycling but it is all ProjectPUT. THANK YOU soooo much! We’ve got to run to family responsibilities, but I will blog about this and put it all over our blog very soon. THANKS again!!

    • That is great Emily, I am so glad you and Eloise approve!

      I have created a zip file that contains many various sizes that you can use for various requirements.

      To give you a little background on the thought process for your logo; I can tell you my thinking began by being mindful of the Recycle Logo and trying to avoid anything remotely like “Pitch-In”
      I wanted it to be simple, bold and recognizable. I started with a few sketches and settled on the three Arrows design. The “P” arrow representing the looking down and seeing the trash. The “U” arrow standing for the physical lifting up of the trash. The “T” arrow symbolizes the dropping of the trash into the proper receptacle. (Feel free to interpret any way you see fit.)

      The original reason for putting the base logo into a circle was to keep any future “cutting-out” of the logo (stickers, badges, etc.) as simple as possible. Once the circle was drawn though the color choices came naturally. Blue representing Water, Green representing Land. and White representing Sky (clouds). I was thinking that in the television commercial you could probably have a picture of the Earth “morph” into the PUT Logo rather successfully (but I digress.)

      At the very least this would be a great “Back of Shirt” graphic for the hoards of people out for a day of PUT’ing Litter in it’s Place. And who wouldn’t want a “ProjectPUT” bumper sticker? (No harm in dreaming…) For now I will just say if I can be of further assistance I trust you know where to find me. Best wishes guys!


      • Dear Michael,

        This is truly amazing. The thought put into it in really wonderful and all in support of a stranger’s idea. Thank you very much. We’ve got much going on with end of year school activities, work, and general family and home responsibilities, but I will make the best of this as soon as possible and make sure you are properly credited. Best wishes and thanks again. You’ve done a mighty good deed! Emily

  2. As if that were not “Crazy” enough… Try this on for size:


    This has been purchased from GoDaddy.com and is now among my collected assortment of domain names. I have enabled domain forwarding so that it points to your blog: https://projectput.wordpress.com/.

    It has been acquired it for a one year term with automatic renewal but I will gladly relinquish it to your movement whenever you would like to take it over. Forgive my boldness on this acquisition but I could not bear the thought of this domain name falling into the hands of a domain name speculator that might demand an outrageous sum of money for its sale.

    Just use it in good health – my way of showing how much I despise litter and appreciate that first bag of trash you so selflessly collected.

    • Wow Michael, this is unreal. Thank you very very much. We’re a bit low on manpower to build a website right now, but we gratefully accept this gift and will renew when the time comes (not sure how to arrange that!?…will you let us know?). I’ll get my daughter to learn about (even simple) website development and let her build it when she’s ready! WOW!! Best wishes and many many thanks. Yours Truly, Emily

  3. You’re welcome, Emily,
    I understand the “baby steps” approach. My hope is that by providing some key elements you are encouraged to develop this idea into all that it can be. I would like to see your ideas promoted and I know that a logo and a memorable web address are two key elements for success.

    I have been at the business of websites for many years and would be happy to assist in your education. I will gladly volunteer my services in whatever limited capacity I can. Feel free to consult me on any questions you may have. The wise seek many counsels and I would be honored to be among your brain trust. 😀


  4. You BET! THANK YOU soooo much (over an over again like a mantra). We are delighted and overwhelmed! You have been so generous. Baby steps, yes, but they’ll add up over time and we’ll keep putting one foot in front of the other (and we’ll PUT lots of litter where it belongs!) 🙂
    BEST wishes! And THANK YOU! Emily

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