Pitch-In America, Public Service Announcement (that deserves to be rediscovered and re-embraced!)

I was telling my dear friend Cindy about Eloise’s Project PUT and she reminded me of the PITCH IN AMERICA Public Service Announcement and effort to get Americans to stop littering in the 1970’s.  I wish this message had not gone away.

This is a Public Service Announcement that deserves a second look!  This is exactly the sentiment all Americans should embrace.

Littering is despicable and unjustifiable.

Pitch-In America!

1970’s commercials is for PITCH-IN AMERICA



About the composer, here:

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BlogDogIt Reminds Us: Give a Hoot Don’t Pollute! Pollution is a Crying Shame! Pitch-In America!

2014 06 09
BlogDogIt Makes Marvelous and Generous Contributions to ProjectPUT (Logo and ProjectPUT.org)



2 thoughts on “Pitch-In America, Public Service Announcement (that deserves to be rediscovered and re-embraced!)

  1. I was pleased to see this video getting shared in this way. I searched high and low to come up with this PSA video to use in a blog post of my own:
    The video I found contained many other PSAs so I extracted this single one which is how I came to be hosting it – I like to think of it as a recycling effort. 😉
    I have just started exploring your project and must say I commend you on the idea. I hope you don’t mind that I recommend Project PUT to my visitors at BlogDogIt.com – Looks like this would be a great site to shine a spotlight on.
    Wishing you success on the site and thank you for “Picking Up Trash!” 😀

    • Dear BlogDogit! THANKS for your kind words!! We make a strong effort to PUT every day. We have transferred many bags of trash from a life on the street to responsible disposal in trash receptacles and recycle containers. We hope many other people will do the same. Please feel free to take the pledge and PUT, too…and YES please recommend Project PUT. I hope lots of people get in the habit of PUT and PICK UP TRASH! Best wishes and thanks.

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